Discuss with us how to get your first 10 customers
for B2B startups and first 100 for B2c Startups

A startup studio working towards making
founders and ideas SUCCESSFUL

Allowing founders to focus on product and customers and
automating and streamlining all operations within the startup

All ideas needed to succeed under one roof



Validate your startup strategy, define an executable roadmap, get product market fit and raise funding.


Create a Marketing and Sales Strategy to grow your startups, find your first 10 customers for B2B and first 100 for B2C startups


Create process, technology and people workflows and start with automation in mind to create a smooth running company

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DSHG Sonic has helped more than 20+ startups succeed.We have consulted with bootstrapped startups as well as Venture Capital funded startups define a strategy, create a road map, raise funding, define growth channels, convert into sales, streamline operations and finally optimize execution.DSHG Sonic was formed with the intention of getting the startups a world-class advisory and management consulting partner as they embark on their growth journey and help accelerate the outcome

As a startup you need partners who do the work

All of us like fancy titles but we at DSHG Sonic believe that more than the titles we need to execute on the idea and get it to stage where you can get funding and actually hire those fancy titles.

Technology Execution

Rather than calling us a part time CTO we hope to be your technology partner who can build the idea. Getting the MVP for your customers is the primary object. We do this using a lean methodology and utilizing a combination of equity stake and cash to make sure your focus is on executing the idea and not trying to find the cheapest software engineers.

Strategy - Marketing and Sales Advisor

When you start with an idea you want a partner who has been through the rodeo a few times and exactly know how to validate, test the hypothesis, build and MVP and create the marketing and sales plan. Strategy & Growth Go hand in hand at a successful startup. Focusing on the true north of the idea and vision helps iterate and get to the answers quickly


As a startup founder your focus should be on customers and product direction. Operations is an integral part of any startup and we look to streamline, flatten processes and procedures and finally automate as much of the Ops using a combination of tools and workflows.

What they Say about us

Our Testimonisls

Validating Idea Support

The team helped me and my founders validate the idea across different industry niches and helped us formulate the right questions while doing interviews. We had a wonderful experience working with both Manish and Tim and would love to partner as we start to grow our operations.

Gislene M

EdTech Founder, Milwaukee, WI

Country Partner

Manish came highly recommended to me by a Startup Accelerator in NYC and he lived up to the mark and more. Helping us launch our Robotic IOT solution and creating awareness of the product within United States.

Tomas Karnolite

iOT startup founder, Guangzhou China

technology guru

I worked with Manish and his extended team both on my first startup which did not launch as well as my second startup which has been a success. Great insights into industry, tons of consulting experience brings in multidisciplinary outlook towards outcomes and of course a technology guru

Angel Z

fintech startup, alberta BC

saas sales

The team helped setup my SaaS sales ops both for B2C as well as provided back office workflows for my B2B outreach. All the way from lead generation to closing clients, honing in on best practices, documenting them and finally imparting training to my new hires

Andy W

marketing saas founder, new york, ny


Happy Clients


Completed Projects

5.4 Million+

Funding Raised