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Why work with us?

DSHG Sonic has helped more than 20+ startups succeed. We have consulted with bootstrapped startups as well as Venture  funded startups to define a strategy, create a road map, raise funding, define growth channels, convert into sales, streamline operations and finally optimize execution.

DSHG Sonic was formed with the intention of getting the startups a world-class advisory and management consulting partner as they embark on their growth journey and help accelerate the outcome

Holistic Approach towards startups
20+ years of experience
Been there done that across all these phases
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About Us

We are like an extension of your team

All of us like fancy titles but we at DSHG Sonic believe that more than the titles we need to execute on the idea and get it to stage where you can get funding and actually hire those fancy titles.

- Your growth partner and Part Time CMO
- Your MVP developer and technology lead
- Your Sales Partner

About Us  
Our Process

A simple, Just in Time and yet effective process


Validate your idea

All ideas are good till we run them through analysis and market research on competition, customer need, willingness to pay and ability to have a defendable differentiator

Idea fortification
Answer Why Idea, Why This Team, Why now
How to fundraise for it.

Build your idea

Whether its is using NoCode tools to build a rough MVP or creating a code based one, we need to define how we can create the best iteration of the product in the best possible timeframe.

Evaluate platform and scalability
Minimum Viable Product needed to prove the idea
Launch to potential users

Grow and Sell

Depending on the type of startup whether its B2B or B2C we next need to get the product in front of the right stakholders using organic and paid channels as well build for the long term using Content Marketing

Define Pilot customer and goals.
Market, Sell or engage to make the MVP used
Measure KPI's to find what is working
Case Studies

Not convinced? Take a look at some of our case studies

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Hear what our amazing customers say

"Validating idea support"

The team helped me and my founders validate the idea across different industry niches and helped us formulate the right questions while doing interviews. We had a wonderful experience working with both Manish and Tim and would love to partner as we start to grow our operations.

Gislane M

"Technology guru and MVP Builder"

I worked with Manish and his extended team both on my first startup which did not launch as well as my second startup which has been a success. Great insights into industry, tons of consulting experience brings in multidisciplinary outlook towards outcomes and of course a technology guru

Angel Z

"Built an exceptional SaaS Sales playbook"

The team helped setup my SaaS sales ops both for B2C as well as provided back office workflows for my B2B outreach. All the way from lead generation to closing clients, honing in on best practices, documenting them and finally imparting training to my new hires

Andy W

"DSHG Sonic was the perfect Country Partner for us"

Manish came highly recommended to me by a Startup Accelerator in NYC and he lived up to the mark and more. Helping us launch our Robotic IOT solution and creating awareness of the product within United States.

Tomas Karnolite
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