Why us

We are a full service advisory firm helping clients across people process and technology.

Global Insights

Rapid solutions to the most complex problems with a world wide talent pool and experience.

Thought Leadership

A comprehensive solution to empower you to be the leaders of your industry.



Advance your monetization and revenue generation using startup friendly sales strategies and execution plans


Creating a core team that is optimal for the stage your
company is in and selling your company’s vision to them by more than just a pay package.


Create a compelling case for brand promotion and audience acquisition using a marketing strategy which meets your conversion requirements


Enabling your core team to have an augmented, scalable technology development team to tide over the wave patterns of demand and skill-set gaps.


Creating a company in the US can be a daunting task especially if the founders are not based in the US.

About us

DSHG Sonic was formed with the intention to help startups and small business get an advisory and service partner along their journey to handle some of the most specialized and critical functions.

We believe that the entrepreneur or business owner should concentrate on making the product world class during the initial years of their companies growth and leave some of these functions to experts. This will ensure that the business owner and entrepreneur uses their scarce resources on getting premium help for these functions and spend maximum resources on their final product.

We are a combination of individuals who have years of experience within the various functions which are described as our services as well as working in startups and advising them.