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Smart Clothing Startup - Stealth

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Smart Clothing.

The company is a leader in in the smart clothing industry right from its early days and widely considered to be a thought leader in this space. Their approach to the industry has been refreshing by focusing on quantifiable metrics along with comfort. The have been perfecting the process for years and have finally introduced new materials which will completely take the wind of the competition. They are competing against some large corporations with a lot of money and hence are maintaining a low profile while they get some market share. They have 6 patents which they are defending and hope to be uniquely positioned to ride the wave of smart technology higher and higher.

DSHG Sonic

We started working with them primarily on branding as well as market penetration in the US. Being a Europe based brand they wanted a solid partner within the United States who could help them create the awareness, sign LOI's on their behalf with Universities and Colleges for their athlete partnership. We helped define the initial customer persona and profiles for the smart clothing within the US across play, entertainment and day to day living segments of human beings daily life cycle.

What have we achieved

Based on what we originally signed on for we have achieved a lot more than we though was possible across a 5 month period. COVID-19 brought an abrupt end to our plans and we have to pick up the the threads back again once the pandemic has subsided in the USA.

  • Customer Interview
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Partnership agreements and LOI
  • Social Media Marketing
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