Cosmetic Ingredient Sourcing


React Native, PHP Laravel, Content Marketing





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Cosmetic Ingredients.

A European startup based in a Scandinavian country is hell bent on understanding what are the key ingredients of the cosmetic which all of humankind uses. The want to make sure everyone understand what they are using, how it is sourced and how it compares with other in the industry to make sure consumer are making ethical and moral decisions rather than just a financial decision.

DSHG Sonic support

DSHG Sonic helped in creating the landing pages, initial marketing awareness, creating the MVP platform and finally operating the platform for a period of 6 months after which we transitioned it to an inhouse team.We also worked on making sure that process of intake for a new cosmetic or a cosmetic brand or an influencer is automated using a combination of process automations as well as SOPs(Standard Operating Procedures) for the interns who were working with these brands directly.

What we have achieved

We were able to attract around 7800 visitors over the first 45 days. Based on these initial set of visitors to the landing page we also got around 280 products suggested to us by the visitors and over 110 influencers partnered with.

  • Beautifully Designed Landing Pages
  • Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • CRM Automation and Influencer Management
  • Platform developed in React Native and Admin Platform in PHP/Laravel

During this time showcasing the results achieved by working with us the founders were able to raise a Seed funding of 1.25 Million Euros and able to staff up and hire marketers, developers and partner managers for the influencers.

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