Black Wealth Culture


Business planning, Digital Platform Build, part time CTO




Black Wealth Culture

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Black Wealth Culture, set to be the virtual Timbuktu, compiles people, resources, tools, and knowledge from the Pan-African community for black wealth builders to locate support on their entrepreneurial journey. We are the land of Black Business collaboration; where we leverage the genesis of the collective. We welcome you to the start of a new relationship amongst your peers and experts throughout the African descent community.


DSHG Sonic and its sister company A Digital Agency worked with Stephannie Kirby and the founding team of Black Wealth Culture to create a robust and comprehensive business plan and digital presence to visualize the mission of Black Wealth Culture. We went through scenarios of how to jump start entrepreneurship and wealth building within the African American community and supporting creating a platform to provide that incubator and educational walkway a digital platform. We created the presence to be in line with the educational curriculum being developed and created a valuable resource for the community.

What have we achieved

We have created the digital platform for Black Wealth Culture to intake its cohort of future business owners, startup founders and side hustlers. The use the platform to connect with other members of the community and progress as a cohort through thier learning programs.

  • Beautifully Designed digital platform
  • Marketing and Web Guest Lectures
  • Business plan and Strategy
  • Part time CTO
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