MVP - Web Platform - Daycare Marketplace

Created a robust MVP for a two sided marketplaces match Daycares with Parents

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MVP Development


HTM/CSS, PHP, Laravel, MongoDB, Elastic Search

Project Timeline

2020 - 2021



Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

Creating a PHP/Laravel based Web Platform for a new technology startup in the marketplace side where they are connecting parents who are looking for last minute day care openings with daycares who might have random open slots available within their day care.

Project Execution

Working with the startup founder all the way from idea validation to creating the full functional Web Platform which is robust enough to handle 100K transactions at scale between daycares and parents.

  • Built backend databases to store Parent Details, Day Care Details, State Licenses, Country Restrictions, Allergy and vaccination info.
  • Front built with custom HTML/CSS padded with PHP/Laravel to get the functions to work
  • Integrated payment details with Stripe.
  • Robust Administrative panel for the Admins to manage the two sides of the marketplace
  • A simpler Admin Panel for Daycare to make changes to the availability and other changes


From project and idea validation to a fully functional platform we were able to get everything completed in around 6 months. This included changes within the Search algos to search for a daycare as well creating county names and zip codes master to validate new daycare entries

  • A fully functional two sided marketplace
  • Parent and Daycare profiles and administrative activities for multiple Daycare administrators
  • Payment processing with Strip
  • Full fledged Elastic Search to filter on multiple parameters

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