MVP - Mobile App - Video Recruitment

Fludder help job seekers by getting a video based profile in front of employers and reduces time to hire

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MVP Development


React Native

Project Timeline

2020 - 2021



Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

Fludder is a platform that will allow you to present yourself beyond your resume. From its no-cost model, easy-to-use video technology and zero job application system, Fludder is revolutionizing how people get hired.

For the job seeker Fludder is enabling ability to portray your candidacy by answering questions on video and getting feedback from our esteemed panel of professionals and leaders of the industry you are seeking a job in

For the employer Fludder has the ability to filter down your dream candidate and have the ability to listen to the candidates in their own words answering some questions.

Project Execution

Starting with the idea, we created the requirements, built the UI/UX for the screens, developed on React Native, made updates to the scope based on the shift in Startup direction and finally finished with a robust mobile app with functionality to rival any video recruitment app.

  • Ability to record, store and review answers to common questions
  • A database of almost 780 questions across 25 different industry segments
  • A control panel for schools as well as Admins to manage enrollment into the app for school and universities


This project was completely built on React Native and additional plugins which were used to render video semalessly across iOS and Android ecosystems. The control panel provided a means for the Administrative team to monitor and update the app data as needed

  • React Native build and deployed on both Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store
  • PHP/Laravel Control Panel to administer the app from schools and universities.
  • Inbuilt video rendering custom development to seamlessly move large video files to storage and reduce app footprint

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