Account Based Everything

Account-Based Everything came from the concept of providing focused marketing efforts for a specific must-win account.

The sales gurus and sales enablement technology vendors have been pushing forward the mantra of Account Based Everything as a way for small and large companies to grow and mature. While we at DSHG Sonic agree to the underlying theme of Account Based Marketing and Account Based Sales and Account Based Enablement the buzz around the topic as well as the plethora of vendors pushing products around the same is making the topic a lot more complicated and obtuse than really warranted within the industry.

What is Account Based Everything

Account Based Everything name came in from the concept of providing focused marketing efforts for a specific account and having cross organizational support for the account across, Sales, Operations and Customer Service departments. So a holistic method of pulling all the punches of the organization in landing and growing a targeted account or client.

That’s it, are there nuances and details than the paragraph above, of course that is there, but this is the basics of ABE at its core.

How is it different than what organizations have been always doing

Sales on its core has always been for better or for worse been driven as an Account based structure muddled under regional and national structures. So from purely a sales perspective of landing a new client there is little of a change from the outcome. Marketing for better or worse has always been spray and pray mentality with gross generalization and hoping it engages the right stakeholders in your targeted clients.

What are we changing

We are primarily changing marketing into an account based marketing, which means targeting, person dependent, solution driven and focused on solving the stakeholder problem. This is different from earlier because of the cross organizational focus ensures we are not working in silos and all the rowers in the boat (Marketing, Sales, Sales Ops and Customer Service) are rowing in the same direction.

What is different in the Tech Stack to accomplish this

Where we feel the concept has taken a life of its own is in deciding the Tech Stack to accomplish the above mentioned concept. It has been extremely difficult for clients to comprehend and build a tech stack for Account Based Everything which is okay to experiment with , build a proof point and scale organically as the program takes root within an organization. With the plethora of Martech and Sales Technology proliferation all the buzzwords return to make this an unusually complex space. And similarly as is the case with digital marketing the same question comes to haunt how can we measure this in ROI terms and what metrics do we actually measure.

So where does DSHG Sonic think the industry is moving and how organizations can think about going Account Based Everything

-         Account Based Marketing needs to think about the target audience as a personalized solution oriented process closely working with the SDR’s

-         Sales enablement and alignment of Sales with the Marketing team needs to be institutional rather than ad-hoc or opportunity based

-         Relationship mapping across the target account engages the entire organization rather than just the sales leader who owns the account relationship

-         Customer Success works hand in hand with all of the others to ensure we make relationship across various levels and dimensions to ensure continuity and cross selling opportunities

-         Opportunity mining is converted into a holistic relationship based consultative selling enabling the sales team to be seen as a trusted advisor.

The primary work which needs to be done before your organization moves towards an Account Based Everything process is to understand and map the existing sales process and technology stack and provide a heat /capability map on future process and direction. Once that is done integrating and connecting existing processes and stacks to the new ones will be much easier and decisions based on sound custom solutioning.

If you need advice or help in coming up with such a map please feel free to reach out to us at or visit us on website at Account Based Everything move to everyone out there.