6 Ways to Market to a Millennial or GenZ

Millennials have the highest earning potential right now. They have the power to promote more than any other generation.

As Businesses grow, the question that marketers continue to focus on is who their audience is. Baby-boomers are starting to get comfortable and retire and the Gen-X are finding a solid stability in their careers. This leaves Millennials who have the the highest earning potential right now. They have the power to promote more than any other generation before them.Businesses need to create relationships with this generation, or they risk running their company to the ground.

1.Social Media

Social media platforms are the bane of Millennials existence. They grew up as Internet babies and that’s not going to change. They won’t trust you unless they get to see you from their perspective in the Social-Web World that we live in. If the most influential social media users promote your company, you’ll be your most successful.

2. Have a conversation

Have a conversation WITH them, not AT them. What used to work in the past isn’t going to work today or anytime after that. Posters and magazine ads may have impressed their parents, but Millennials will not be. “Likes” and “Shares”on Social Media platforms is what drives their interest. They’re more likely to trust a brand from a friend who shared it to their Facebook Wall than an Adthat’s tacked to a bulletin board.

3. Eyes and Ears

Millennials do not like being ignored. They like to be heard and listened to. Reach out to them because they are the future. They want you to find solutions to the future with them, not for them. Millennials have an uncertain future for themselves, and they like to be reassured that they can accomplish something to impact that.

4. Personalize it

It’s not about understanding young people as a whole, it’s about understanding the future. Within those faces, there are identity characteristics. When you started your business, you knew who you wanted your target audience to be. Did you picture an entire generation as a whole, or individuals within that massive group? Market for a stereotype of them, not all of them because they aren’t all the same.

5. Be Transparent

Like I mentioned earlier, Millennials are the children of Internet. They know everything about everything and don’t like to be left out. That being said, in order to be successful in your business, you need to be uncomfortable and undoubtedly honest. They don’t like being lied to and can tell if they are.If there’s something that you’re hiding, they’re going to Google your flaws until they have them. They need full transparency in order to be comfortable with the companies that they want to be a part of.

6. Be Alluring

Short and sweet goes hand-in-hand with this one. With a faster world comesa shorter attention span, and it takes a lot for a Millennial to read a novel of an article when they could just find a simpler, shorter answer to their problem. Draw them in and keep them in by knowing what motivates them. They Need to be able to focus on what is unique about your brand compared to another one like it. Be funny, innovative, and original. You have to make a lasting impression for them to keep an interest in you.