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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with bootstrapped founders as well?

We work with everyone from bootstrapped founders, professionals with an ideas as well as founders moving a side hustle to a full fledged startup. For us the idea and the impacts are more important than the funding capability you have initially. We have been bootstrapped founders in our past and completely appreciate the apprehension when starting of on the startup journey. We are here to make it seem less intimidating.

As an early stage startup founder can I afford DSHG Sonic team financially?

Being bootstrapped founders from the past we understand this phase where you are careful about overextending yourself. We will work with your budget and if we are building an MVP or doing a long term sales engagement we do have a equity plus cash agreement with the founder having the ability to buy our stake out when they raise funding (if needed). Our interest is in building successful founders and we work through all impediments to make your startup a success

What startup industries do you work with, do you have a specilization?

We don't have a specific specialization in terms of industry. We are industry agnostics, in the past 3 years we have worked with Finance, Insurance, Fashion, EdTech, EventTech, Gig Economy startups and many more. We do only intake founders who are in the earliest stages of the startup journey and can fully benfit from the support we provide.

What is store for the future of DSHG Sonic?

DSHG Sonic hopes to transform itself into a Startup Studio supporting entrepreneurs and founders with initial strategy, MVP builds, bring in the first set of clients and then efficiently operating the day to day work. A one stop shop working with pre-vetted individuals who will bring in the highest quality of workmanship to all the deliverables we build for you the startup founder.

The classical virtues are all decision-making heuristics to make one optimize for the long term rather than for the short term.
- Naval

We focus on providing an end to partner while having all the chops for fun, creativity and problem solving; to deliver results that startups would love to rinse and repeat.With over 20 years of experience in an ever-evolving industry landscape, DSHG Sonic is uniquely positioned to take on projects across multiple industries and different times during startup lifecycle as well as from bootstrapped to well-funded.

Working in various roles with the founders from being a part time Chief Operating Officer to part time Chief Marketing Officer to fundraising to running sales team, we work as an integral part of the team to achieve whatever is needed for the next milestone to be successful.By integrating years of startup experience with tried and testing management consulting experience within Fortune 50 companies we bring in the right mix as a always available partner.


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