Setup your company in the US

Creating a company in the US can be a daunting task especially if the founders are not based in the US. We at DSHG Sonic have helped innumerable companies in getting setup, finishing the paper work to be legal entity and then providing direction and execution to the initial growth of the company through US based Sales and Marketing support. It is done as turnkey build operate and transfer mode to help companies take more ownership as they grow.


Company Setup

Logistics around which state to setup, what is the legal address and what kind of company to setup based on your unique case.

Regulatory Documents

Handling of Certificate of Incorporation, filing for IRS Employee Identification Number and State Id’s for the states you may be doing business in.

Banking Relationship

Find the most cost-effective banking relationship, connect through a lean remittance channel and avail good scalable two-way forex transfer.

Specialized Help

Avail services of a startup friendly lawyer, accountant and tax specialist to make sure you are compliant with all state and federal regulations from day one.

Marketing & Branding

We enable the initial market research, competitor analysis, product and market positioning and the overall branding for the product and company.

Sales Enablement

Help activate the initial sales and create a robust and repeatable process for growth which can be transferred to the company executives once they hire their own resources.

Setup your company right

US really?

Do you really require a presence in the US? If yes how broad of a presence? Can you run with just a lean sales team or do you need to hire other staff as well? These will define the company type.

Achieve what?

What is your main aim to be setup in the US. Is it sales, funding, growth, experienced hires. Once you define what you aim to achieve it will help define the regulatory documentation as well as scalability.

Financial Transaction

How do intend to fund the initial setup. What kind of sales do you expect in the coming 18 months. How would you define the relationship between the US entity and the entity in your home country? A lot of these will impact how you setup the banking and remittance flow.


How would your existing team work the US entity? Is it a loosely federated model or is it a tightly synergized model. How often does the team intend to be in the US?

Define nuances

Are there quirks to your product or service which might require us to get additional support? Say you are in Fintech (we need a Fintech Specialized Lawyer, in Healthcare need a HIPAA privacy expert).

Do it right the first time

Making mistakes and resolving it at a later point is extremely frustrating and costly. A wrong type of entity will result in fines and wrong taxes attributed for sales will result in the dreaded IRS letter.

Why work with us?

  • Work with a company who has done this on multiple occasions.
  • Get discounts and cost breaks on tools.
  • Pull in the right experts as required.

How do we do it?

Be the first 10 customers and get a free one hour consultation on any questions you may have with no obligations.

Allow us to be your face in the US market till you can setup your team here.

A quote we use often

“Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime”

– Mark Twain