without a process is a lot more than a wish list

Strategy within a startup or a small business is much more than drawing pretty pictures and putting in long term goals. Strategy consists of identifying the path to achieving those goals and understanding the resource constraints and cost pressures that are present. It’s about making a practical and customizable approach to problem-solving.


Product Development

The ability to create a product which has uniqueness, scalability, malleability and simplified revenue generation capability is paramount to the success of a startup.

Resource Strategy

Creating a core team that is optimal for the stage your company is in and selling your company’s vision to them by more than just a pay package.

Operational Roadmap

Execution of the strategy requires a robust operational roadmap which will enable the core team to spend their limited energies on the most important tasks ahead.


Understanding the fundraising process requires an in-depth understanding of the value of the product and the team involved in order to reach out to the right investors based on which stage of the company lifecycle you are on.

Industry Know How

Knowing the nuances and intricacies of the industry your startup operates in will help define a more conforming message and product delivery.

Out-Innovate Competitors

We are not developing our startups and products in a vacuum. We do have competitors who started before us and who will start after us. Concentrating on customer success with robust research will out-innovate competitors.

Strategy at Work

Company Vision

Why did you start the company and what does success for the company equate to?

Founder Vision

What does success for the founders equate to?

Industry Expertise

How in-depth do you know the industry and why do you think you will be successful within this industry?

Startup Experience

What are the experiences of the founders either working with other startups or running their own startups? What succeeded and what failed in their previous experience?

Growth Plan

What is the startups version of growth and what are the plans for achieving it? Are these plans in line with the resources available and the realities of the industry we are operating in?

Revenue plan

What are the plans and projections from a revenue perspective? Are they scalable and can they survive product delays, pivots and environment changes?

Why work with us?

  • Imbibe in lessons learned and best practices so you don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Draw out a long term strategy so you don’t loose the forest for the trees.
  • Create a well thought out Business Plan which will survive fluctuations in product and execution glitches.
  • Understand funding requirements and cash flow projections.
  • Create a harmonious relationship between product, marketing and sales teams.

How do we do it?

Send us an email or fill out the contact us form on our website.

Have a detailed series of meetings to understand current state.

Let us be your in-house strategy and innovation arm as we collectively define the strategy.

A quote we often use

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

— Japanese proverb