Always keep it simple and close the Service

We believe that the entrepreneur or business owner should concentrate on making the product world class during the initial years of their companies growth and leave some of these functions to experts. This will ensure that the business owner and entrepreneur uses their scarce resources on getting premium help for these functions and spends the maximum resources on their final product.


Product Definition

One of the primary reasons for delaying the sales process is clarity on defining the product in simple terms which can be easily understood by the target customer.

Customer Definition

Defining the customer can be tricky unless we focus on the customers pain point. Without finding the most important need for a solution, we can’t find the real customer segment to target.

Sales Strategy

Defining the sales playbook for each revenue-generating product or service for the company.

Sales Technology enablement

Defining the appropriate mixture of using technology to automate the sales task versus doing the manual work.

Partnerships & Alliances

As we start getting sales traction, we need to identify and piggyback on the right partners and alliances within the ecosystem to extend our sales dollar exponentially.

Sales Operations

We need the most valuable sales resources to spend their time on client engagement and closing deals. That will only happen by enabling them with a competent sales operations team to build up the order book.


What did the company hope to achieve the sales target for a given period? How does that change based on product delivery and marketing dollars spent?


Who is selling for the company? Are there members of the product team as well selling?


Are we using similar messaging while selling as we are while marketing? Do all the members in the startup have the same understanding of product?


If we have to grow the sales team, who is the right fit for the company? How do we make sure growth is planned and executed with a process?


How wide is our sales funnel? Do we have the right hooks out there to get the best prospects into the funnel?


Why work with us?

  • Get the experience to define your sales strategy without a lot of wasted effort.
  • Understand the tools to use for Sales based on the size of your company and industry.
  • Capture the right amount of details within your CRM keeping in mind future growth.
  • Standardize and document a sales playbook to be used across the startup.
  • Define achievable goals.

How do we do it?

Send us an email or fill out the contact us form on our website.

Have a detailed series of meetings to understand current state.

Let us be your in-house strategy and innovation arm as we collectively define the strategy.

A quote we often use

“People don’t ask for facts in making up their minds. They would rather have one good, soul-satisfying emotion than a dozen facts.”

– Robert Keith Leavit