Know your product and know your customer

In any startup the premise of customer validation and exposure hold more weight at the early stages than the revenue generation potential of a product. The only way to achieve these are through an effective and scalable marketing framework which allows the startup to get in inputs early and impact product delivery and sales strategy.


Market Definition

Define your market to identify the correct targets, channels and ROI to be expected.

Market Segmentation

Divide the market into appropriate segments to assign ideal marketing strategies which easily match the respective segments.

Marketing Strategy

Defining the marketing strategy for the company means keeping in mind the current state, required outreach and proposed spending.

Marketing Technology enablement

Defining the appropriate mixture of using paid technology to automate the marketing task versus using some of the more nuanced and effective manual efforts in reaching out.

Marketing Execution

Execute the marketing strategy for better alignment of your companies growth projection and market penetration strategies with the details of executing it day to day.

Marketing Innovations

As we delve into day-to-day execution of the marketing plan, we also need to make sure we implement pilots and proof of concepts of measurable innovating marketing ideas to super charge our growth trajectory.

Market Penetration

The marketing strategy created has to work for your company at the stage of company and marketing leader maturity. We do that by understanding the why’s behind the marketing and audience growth process.


Who is the target audience which your marketing efforts need to target? This applies to both B2B and B2C products/startups. What are the personas and can all of them be reached using digital channels?


What marketing collaterals are being created and what is the available information on the internet about the startup?


Are we using similar messages while selling as we are while marketing? Are you using new messaging or tested out various messaging?


What are the costs for ad-based marketing? How do they perform vis-à-vis organic marketing efforts?

Return on Investment

How do you measure the ROI for execution of a marketing strategy? How are the KPI’s varied when it comes to the industry and potential end customer?


What is the difference between Labor cost vs. Technology cost and what is the right balance? Who is performing the CBA’s for all tools used within marketing?

Why work with us?

  • Imbibe in lessons learned and best practices so you don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Draw out a long term strategy so you don’t loose the forest for the trees.
  • Create a well thought out Business Plan which will survive fluctuations in product and execution glitches.
  • Understand funding requirements and cash flow projections.
  • Create a harmonious relationship between product, marketing and sales teams.

Why work with us?

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Have a detailed series of meetings to understand current state.

Let us be your in-house strategy and innovation arm as we collectively define the strategy.

A quote we often use

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

— Japanese proverb